especially as they often have such nice things to say about us. 

"I really liked James' approach the first time I met him. He was very open. It wasn't "here's what I want to do" or "here's what I have to offer." It was more like, "I want to listen to what your situation is and what kinds of things you're doing, and we can work together to make that happen." 

All the best stuff is done by groups of people. James gets that, and because he does, it allows an openness and honesty and a lack of competitiveness about ideas and contributions that's unusual. The house works - and people feel it. 

Every person who has seen the house has commented about the flow, the energy. Just talking about it gives me goose bumps!"    

Scott Uknes

"Though the house is small, all the spaces function happily... We like the looks, the feel, and the energy the spaces convey. Guests also respond to the house. They comment about how good the artwork looks. There's something about the lighting. Others remark that the house is the same size as theirs but seems so much roomier. They say, 'Wow, this is really cool!' 

One important area is the studio. James understood that I wanted it to look large. He did some subtle things to accomplish that, to gain the emotional space I wanted. Now I have an ideal studio that positively affects my work." 

Peg Gignoux and David Summer

"James, amazingly, was able to give me exactly what I needed! Making me feel totally involved in the process while he worked his magic, he designed a house that is somehow more me than it would have been without him!

Every get-together was a pleasure (even if I arrived harried and anxious), and every "challenge" was overcome with imagination and good humor. He made optimum use of my postage-stamp lot and inside the house feels larger than it is, with wonderful craftsman references."

Sharon Fowler

"We love our home. We can see light and trees from any spot within the house and it has become the sanctuary we had hoped for.

Throughout the design process (James) was able to point out how his proposals optimized light, elevations and existing plant life. He also listened to our wishes for indoor-outdoor living spaces, use of wood and stone, internal flow and need to see the outdoors from any vantage point within the house.

Beth was the point person for the myriad of choices that we had to make ranging from fixtures to paint to moldings. She was responsive to our needs, providing options within our  budget and flexibility when options and/or needs changed!    

Mike Spiritos & Sarah Stahmer

"I found James very easy to work with. I told him what I wanted and he really listened to me. In turn, he is very good at giving suggestions without overpowering you. I was never afraid to say ‘this is what I like’ or 'this is what I don't like.' He enjoyed the give and take. He also has a subtle sense of humor that comes through in the process."    

Mick Donelan

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